Babs Baker Photography | Halina



After my fathers death on January 12 (also my birthday) I went through some of the many possessions he had kept at his home, and of these, found diaries, letters and other momento's belonging to my sister Halina, who had been murdered in March 1995. This small book is dedicated in memory of her, with a few images of some of her possessions and versus that she wrote, accompanied by my photographs and own poems. Halina was fifteen years older than me and had suffered major set backs from early childhood, from firstly developing meningitis, to suffering through depression and mental health problems and also suffered a serious leg injury in a road traffic incident. Halina had abundant unconditional love for us all as a family and I only wish, that l could have spent more time with her then l had. Hence my book for my never fogotten sister Halina.

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