Loved looking at your work babs.well done.
Katy Watson(non-registered)
Hi Babs,

Just been looking through your amazing photos with the others on the Gateway! Deanna now has your details.
You can email me with your prices and hopefully we can sort something out for the Education Society Ball! :)
jon young(non-registered)
really nice photo,s you are obviously very tallented and have a good eye for a picture
Great website! Love the shot of the red car frozen in motion and the waterfall pic in your Thailand slideshow.
These photos are amazing Babs! Especially love the reflection photos! keep up the good work, it will soon pay off! Cant wait to see more great photos on here. you should be really proud! keep striving towards your dreams and hey the national geographic magazine can always use new photographers!
Hi auntie Barbara luv ur pics but not as much as you luv u loads from jas
Stan Tunstall-Otterburn(non-registered)
Nice selection to start with, Babs. Looking forward to you dropping by Durham at some point and hearing about your Thailand escapades.
Must have a joint shoot together and compare notes.
Joe Sheridan(non-registered)
Looking good Babs, well done, nice clean looking website, keep up the good work
Steve Breeze(non-registered)
Some nice stuff Babs, who would have thought it when you used to use that bloody camera phone all the time! I knew there was a photographer in there!!!!
Paul Paxton(non-registered)
Excellent photograph's, I'll look forward to seeing more. Very happy to make the first entry in the guest book. Great work Babs!
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