Welcome to my website, currently under-going further expansion, as I continue to add more images to my ever-growing collection. Despite enjoying all types of photography, I enjoy ALL aspects of working in camera, but particularly enjoy documentary and street, photography.

When spotting an opportunity, to capture images on impulse, I would like to think that some of my images can "tell their own story". The ever optimistic side of me, hopes that by sharing my images in this way, some of you may like one or two of my images and perhaps see what I see. If my own pictures inspire some of you to perhaps, "snap" a few images of your own, then maybe we can all be "Story Tellers" together.

Life is too short, and it's sad to think how we often miss the visual beauty around us. l take much satisfaction in capturing a particular moment of interest, that has moved me in a certain way, to then be reminded of that same moment time and time again within the magic of photography.